School Age

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Preparing Preschoolers for their Future Path

It’s not about the facility, it’s about changing lives. The facility is just the tool.”- Colby Wilson

Our School Age Program fills a large need in the area for families whose work schedule extends beyond the school day. We provide transportation to and from all Springdale Public Schools as well as Ozark Montessori Academy. We serve children up to 12 years of age. Our licensed drivers have clean driving records, CPR and First Aid certification, keep passenger logs on every trip and are regulated by our State Licensing Representative. Because we are not a traditional school bus service , your child will also be required to wear a seat belt at all times. Once back at our facility your child will have an afternoon snack, time to do homework, outside time on our playground, and various activities the teacher plans. We offer a structured environment where children can relax after school but also be stimulated with art, building, music , science and social activities.